When I’m cold (october-may), I drink tons of chinese and japanese green tea. My parents got me hooked. Sencha, genmaichaik, fukumushi, dragonwell, it’s all good. Sooooo healthy and tasty!

It turns out that you can also eat green tea. Many people are familiar with macha ice-cream and green tea cakes, but thoses are not so healthy, nor are they in season. So in this cold weather, I like to eat OCHASUKE, a delicious japanese dish made of leftovers.

You’ll need:

  • plain leftover (or freshly cooked) rice. Today, I used wild rice (not technically rice, but very tasty). White rice (short grain is best) or brown rice are also fine.
  • ochasuke mix from your local Asian mart. I used wakame chasuke. Furikake works fine, as well.
  • green tea
  • optionally, leftover meat or veggies.

Heat up your rice for 30 seconds in the microwave. Brew a small pot of green tea. If you have any other leftover meat or veggies, cut in small pieces and put on rice. Sprinkle on the ochasuke mix, and then pour the green tea over the whole thing. It will warm your insides immediately!


– Viola –