Enough sitting on the couch all day. Enough abusing my Netflix “instant watching” privileges. Enough “spoons of peanut butter” and V8 for meals. It’s time for a change.

Today, I woke up one hour earlier than I usually do (9 AM). I wrote an e-mail to my mom while finishing the movie I’d started last night. Then, I brewed myself some genmaicha-macha blend, and, gathering my courage…I cleaned the fridge. There were findings of all kinds; fuzzy, moldy, so furry I should have named them before throwing them away. I was left with mostly vegetables, leftover chili (refer to the “lazy chili” post from yesterday) and pizza, and a jar of my homemade plum jam (recipe to come, some time in the future).

Now, it’s shopping time! Laters.